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Many homeowners have experienced sub-par home inspections that left them not only wanting more, but questioning the value they received from the inspector. We recognize that it might be difficult to distinguish between all the companies that offer lead, mold, asbestos, meth, radon, and environmental testing in Utah. This is why Aerolite Consulting presents a new breed of inspector: professionals who have experience on top of certification. 

Aerolite Consulting offers a hands-on approach to home inspection, not just a fancy report. We’ve actually performed mold remediation. We’ve managed hundreds of asbestos abatements. Experience like that allows us to consult you in an unbiased manner, help you handle your situation, and prevent additional problems in the future. Aerolite Consulting is different. When protecting your investment matters most, you can depend on Aerolite Consulting.

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Honest Aerolite Consulting inspectors pride themselves in being honest and trustworthy. You not only can be confident that you’ll receive accurate home inspection services, but you’ll feel comfortable about having us in your home.


Above and beyond being just general contractors, we have years of experience in real life applications of solving inspection problems. We are adept at providing cost-effective solutions for lead testing, radon testing, mold testing, meth testing, asbestos testing, and more.


Whether it’s climbing through your attic to crawling through dirty crawlspaces, Aerolite Consulting inspectors offer a level of service that can’t be matched. We recognize the trust and financial investment you are putting in us and we take it very seriously that we provide a completely thorough environmental inspection.


We are a family oriented company and our goal is to ensure each of our clients is treated the way we would want our families treated. Common courtesy isn’t always so common in the home and environmental inspection industry, but Aerolite Consulting recognizes that we are in a service oriented business, so we always deliver full and courteous service.


Along with our thorough inspections, you’ll also receive quality reports that are typed with documented photos. Our inspections and reports are done in a manner that is easy to understand and have applicable information.


While Aerolite Consulting offers onsite inspections, we also love to consult and give advice and knowledge whenever questions arise. Call or email us with any questions regarding your home or what we do.


Aerolite Consulting inspectors recognize that just like us, you have a busy life and we strive to waste as little of it as possible. When an appointment is set, it is kept.


All personal and inspection information is kept extremely confidential with Aerolite Consulting. You can rest at ease knowing that Aerolite Consulting is your inspector.

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