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February 25, 2016
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February 25, 2016
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Should you be concerned about asbestos in your home? This really depends on a number of factors. Most homes, particularly ones older than 1978, have some type of asbestos in them. Asbestos was a fairly revolutionary product that was added to literally thousands of products from drywall mud, HVAC tape, insulation, pipe wraps, etc… It was used because of the innate qualities of asbestos. It is incredibly strong and durable and it is fire proof.

It was later realized that asbestos fibers could become lodged in the linings of lungs leading to asbestosis and other cancers. Asbestos becomes a danger when it becomes airborne. That being the case, products that contain asbestos that are in good shape and are not friable (can’t be crumbled to powder between your fingers) is typically not releasing asbestos fibers into the air and are therefore not often considered a huge concern. However, if your old popcorn ceiling texture or HVAC Tape that contain asbestos become worn or damaged, could easily release these fibers.

So in short, asbestos should be considered a hazard within your home if it has become disturbed or you are planning on disturbing it for a remodel of some type. When all else fails, call an expert for advice. Call Aerolite Consulting.