Basic Home Inspection Timing Considerations

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home inspection timing considerations

If you’re looking to buy a home or to see what needs to be fixed in your home before selling it, home inspections are a great tool. At Aerolite Consulting, we provide high-quality home inspections that include lead testing, mold testing and many other procedures that can not only make your home safer and healthier to live in, but also increase its attractiveness and value on the market.

Especially if you’re in a buying or selling situation, timing can be a very important factor for you. This might mean you need to be very precise about scheduling your inspection – let’s go over the standard time considerations you’ll need to think about when scheduling.

Timing Basics

On average, a home inspection will take anywhere from two to three hours. This can vary, though, as there are several factors that might change things. A basic two-story townhome with an unfinished basement could easily take well under two hours, while a fully-finished mansion with six bedrooms will likely take at least three hours. The type of inspection being done may also play a role in how long it will take.

Affecting Factors

Every issue that’s present in a home must be written down in detail, and this is another factor that can alter expectations for how long it will take. The more rooms and space in the home, the more time it will take to fully inspect them. Whether or not the home has a finished basement is also a large factor – a fully finished basement has more obstacles to navigate and more potential nooks and crannies, and will cause it to take longer.

Shorter Inspections

If you’re in a big rush and just need to know about major system fixes that are needed, there are sometimes other options available. A quick-evaluation home inspection can often be done to simply look for major issues while respecting your time limitations. These should only be done if you’re in a true time crunch, though, as it’s preferable to have a full inspection done before selling.

Do I Need To Be There?

While we recommend that you be around for a home inspection so we can explain the things we’re seeing to you, this isn’t necessarily a requirement. We’ll still give you a full, detailed report of our findings, and you’ll still have a list of all issues that need your attention.

For more on the timing involved with home inspections, or to learn more about any of our home inspection services, speak to the pros at Aerolite Consulting today.