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February 25, 2016

Mold – what does it mean for you?

So how dangerous is mold?  Most everyone has heard of the “Black Mold” or “Toxic Mold” and there is definitely plenty of hype about it. Stachybotrys […]
February 25, 2016

Asbestos, Should You Be Concerned?

Should you be concerned about asbestos in your home? This really depends on a number of factors. Most homes, particularly ones older than 1978, have some […]
February 25, 2016

Radon Gas: What it Means

Radon seems to be the new “buzz” word when it comes to real estate transactions and many people seem to be hesitant to purchase homes with […]
February 25, 2016
home construction

Home Inspections — Fact or Fiction

Is there value to having a home inspection done prior to a home purchase? That is a question that many people ask themselves when they are […]