Common Orem Home Repair Needs: Electrical, Roof, Foundation

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As anyone who has bought a house before can tell you, the costs you’ll face here are more than just the down payment and mortgage payments. Most homes come with at least some level of required repairs for the new homeowner, some of which are relatively standard and others that are on the rarer side. 

At Aerolite Consulting, we’re proud to serve as one of your single best resources for identifying these repair needs ahead of time. Our home inspection services in Orem and other parts of Utah, which include everything from basic inspections through environmental contaminant inspections like mold or radon tests, are a primary tool homebuyers use to identify issues with a home they’re offering on, plus plan out their repair costs and timelines before they move in. What are some of the most common repair types found by our inspectors, and how can you address them? This multi-part blog series will go over several examples.

Electrical Issues

Electrical concerns in a home can range from extremely minor up to serious concerns that may indicate an electrical fire is imminent if not addressed immediately. Our inspectors will run checks of the home’s wiring, outlets, and other major components to make certain nothing dangerous is found before you move in.

If they do find some issues, these can range from GFCI outlet replacements (a relatively easy fix) to full rewiring of a home’s electrical system (a costly repair), but you’ll have some idea of the timeline and cost based on what your inspector finds.

Roof Repair Needs

Roofs are a home component that take a real beating over a period of years, and as such, require occasional repair work, especially after a major weather event. Inspectors will be able to identify roof damage and help you plan your repair timeline and cost for this important factor of your home.

You might find that you need a new shingle or two, which is relatively minor and easy to do both in terms of the effort involved and the cost, or you might find that your entire roof is in need of replacement. This can be a very costly repair depending on the age and type of roofing materials, so it’s always good to have an idea ahead of time what you’re getting into.

Foundation Repair

Another concerning form of damage, if located by your inspector, is found in the home’s foundation. This area is critical to your home’s structural integrity, and can be very expensive to repair.

Our inspectors will identify concern areas for this type of damage before you move into your new home so that you know what to plan around ahead of time. These issues may necessitate a full foundation excavation and replacement, or more minor measures depending on the extent of damage.

For more on the common forms of repair need often identified by home inspectors, or to learn about any of our home inspection or environmental contaminant inspection services in Orem, speak to the staff with Aerolite Consulting today.