Environmental Home Inspections in Alpine, Utah

If you’re searching for the highest quality in environmental home inspections in Alpine, Utah and nearby areas, look no further. The team at Aerolite Consulting has been providing homebuyers and others with detailed professional home inspections for years, helping clients get the full picture of a potential home purchase while identifying significant issues that need to be solved.

Whether you’re looking for basic inspections covering appliances, fixtures and other simple areas or detailed testing for contaminants, we’ve got you covered. Call our staff today to learn about the issues we test for and how we’ll save you time and money with our comprehensive inspection services.

Home Inspection Services

For starters, we offer all the standard home inspection services homebuyers expect during this process. As a third-party inspector, we cover both interior and exterior areas of the property, examining all appliances and fixtures plus areas like the home’s foundation, siding, entryways and numerous others. The keen professional eyes of our inspectors often pick up issues that potential buyers were not aware of, including high-cost issues that should be discussed with the seller before a sale proceeds.

While most of our competitors stop there, though, this is just the tip of the iceberg for us. At Aerolite, we also offer detailed environmental testing services, with the ability to detect contaminants like radon, mold, lead, asbestos and even methamphetamine residue. These contaminants, which tend to be invisible and very difficult to identify for untrained individuals, present both health-related and monetary risks during a potential home purchase.

Financial Benefits

As we noted above, the primary benefit of many of our home inspection services is monetary. Ideally, our inspection will be carried out on a home you’re considering purchasing well in advance of any sale being finalized – if we identify significant issues that had previously gone unseen, then, you will be able to return to the seller and negotiate remediation of these issues on their end. Because the issues existed as part of their ownership of the property, it will be their responsibility to either remedy the concerns or lower the selling price accordingly.

Health and Safety

Financial benefits, however, are not the only ones we offer. Particularly as it pertains to our contaminant testing, these solutions often have an enormous health and safety impact on new homeowners, allowing them to have harmful contaminants removed before moving in. These contaminants can be directly harmful to human health, particularly young children, older adults or anyone with respiratory or autoimmune conditions, so removing them is vital.

For more on any of our environmental home inspections in Alpine, Utah and nearby areas, speak to the staff at Aerolite Consulting today.