Environmental Home Inspections in Elk Ridge, Utah

Are you a prospective homebuyer looking for environmental home inspection services in Elk Ridge, Utah or nearby areas? Look no further. The team at Aerolite Consulting has been providing high-quality home inspections to a variety of Utahns for years, helping prospective buyers identify hidden issues and remedy them through the seller before inking any sale documents.

From our standard inspection services that cover basic components and fixtures to environmental inspections that test for airborne contaminants, we’re here to provide you with a full range of tests for both the safety and quality of your potential new home. Call us today to learn more about how our services will benefit you if you’re considering purchase of a new home.

Home Inspection Services

Our home inspection services cover multiple valuable areas:

  • Standard home inspections: Like others in this space, we will carry out a detailed professional inspection that covers a wide variety of areas and components inside and outside the home. From major structural areas like foundations and siding to interior appliances, HVAC and plumbing systems and much more, we’ll move through the space and ensure there are no hidden issues present that you weren’t previously aware of.
  • Environmental inspections: Most home inspection services stop there, but not ours. We also offer a wide range of airborne contaminant testing, featuring detection of such contaminants as mold, asbestos, radon, lead and methamphetamine residue. Not only might these contaminants play a major role in the home price, they should be removed for the health and safety of home occupants.

Trustworthy Professionals

For any of the above services, you’ll be greeted and walked through the process by one of our trusted, trained and licensed home inspectors. We offer a transparent and honest pricing structure that keeps you informed of all costs ahead of time, plus services that go above and beyond others in the space. Call us today to learn about the qualifications of any of our team members.

How We Benefit Prospective Buyers

While the primary benefit of our services for many is the value we provide to clients, it’s not the only one – though it’s significant, and often saves clients thousands in costs on issues they had not previously noted in a prospective home purchase. However, the benefits of our services also extend to health and safety – the contaminants we test for can be very dangerous, especially to susceptible individuals like children or older adults. Allowing for their detection and removal comes with not only a monetary benefit, but also a health benefit as well.

For more on any of our environmental home inspections in Elk Ridge, Utah, speak to the staff at Aerolite Consulting today.