Environmental Home Inspections in Lehi, Utah

If you’re considering the purchase of any real estate property, the pros at Aerolite Consulting are here to help in one vital area: Home inspections. Our team has spent over a decade serving Lehi, Utah and nearby buyers in understanding several potentially hidden qualities of the property they’re preparing to purchase, saving them not only significant health and safety risks, but also significant money in the process.

When you’re set on a new home, it’s understandable to view every area of the new property as perfect and ideal. Our team will help you avoid rose-colored glasses that could cause you to gloss over potential issues, however, ensuring you check all the necessary boxes before pulling the trigger on a purchase.

What’s Included

At Aerolite Consulting, our environmental home inspections are more thorough and comprehensive than many of our competitors. For starters, we offer a full analysis of the property being considered, from broad appliances and structural concerns to several more detailed assessments.

But our quality inspection services don’t stop there, not by a long shot. In addition to standard inspection services, we also offer inspections for several environmental contaminants: Mold, radon, asbestos, lead paint and even methamphetamine residue. These are services not generally offered by other inspectors, the kind that prevent several potential health risks that would have otherwise been completely invisible to you.

Health and Comfort

Among the primary benefits of our extensive and detailed inspections: The health and comfort of you and your family. If anyone in your family has respiratory issues like allergies or asthma, for instance, these can be heavily exacerbated or even triggered by mold or other contaminants – but our services will inform you of any such contaminants well in advance, allowing you to ensure they’re removed promptly and at the seller’s expense before you sign any paperwork.

Even in cases where no prior conditions are present, these services are enormously valuable. Many environmental contaminants will slowly limit several comfort-related areas in the home, but assessing them in advance eliminates this concern.

Monetary Benefits

Beyond the personal benefits of a comprehensive home inspection, there are monetary benefits to consider as well. For starters, our full-service inspections are affordable and will fit within any basic purchasing budget.

For another, our inspection services often identify major cost areas that were not clear previously, allowing you to settle these concerns with the seller well in advance of committing to the home. Instead of dealing with major repairs or remediation issues once you’ve already purchased the home and these concerns fall squarely on your shoulders, handle them in advance and benefit in several ways.

To learn more about our environmental home inspection services in Lehi, or to schedule an appointment for any required inspection, speak to the staff at Aerolite Consulting today.