Environmental Home Inspections in Lindon, Utah

Are you considering a home purchase and looking for the highest quality available when it comes to environmental home inspections in Lindon, Utah? Look no further: The team at Aerolite Consulting is here to assist you with every step of this process.

We’ve assisted numerous Utah homebuyers with detailed, thorough home inspections ahead of their purchase. Our services have saved our clients thousands upon thousands of dollars by allowing them to identify potential issues with the home to the seller in advance of the sale. In addition, we’ve helped numerous individuals and families stay safe and healthy in their new homes by identifying potential contaminants that would have gone undiscovered otherwise. Call us today to learn more about the services we provide for you.

General Home Inspections

For starters, we offer high-quality home inspection services that check all the typical boxes for this area of service. We investigate both the inside and outside of the home in question, looking at everything from fixtures and appliances to structural elements like foundation, siding, windows, doors and much more.

As we perform the inspection, we note any significant issues present, particularly those that may not have been visible to the buyer or seller previously. These will all be on our detailed report, which buyers can then use to return to the seller and organize certain repair or upkeep areas before the sale proceeds.

Environmental Testing Services

However, our services don’t stop at the above areas. In addition, we also offer environmental inspection services that are unique to our field, including testing for contaminants like lead, mold, radon, asbestos and even residue from methamphetamine production or use.

Not only are each of these contaminants listed above elements that could impact home value and the final sale price, they are dangerous to humans. Allowed to sit in the home unchecked, they can lead to a variety of respiratory and other health issues, particularly in children or vulnerable adults with weaker immune systems.

Value and Safety

As we’ve noted here, our services provide an unmatched combination of both value and safety. Few other home inspection companies combine traditional walk-throughs with our testing for contaminants, which means you’ll be covered in more areas than you would with many of our competitors. And on top of this, the peace of mind that comes with knowing the home you’re buying is free of any unseen contaminants can make a big difference to many buyers and their families.

For more on any of our environmental home inspection services in Lindon, Utah or surrounding areas, speak to the staff at Aerolite Consulting today.