Environmental Home Inspections in Pleasant Grove, Utah

If you’re a potential homebuyer in Pleasant Grove, Utah, on the hunt for high-quality environmental home inspection services, look no further. You’ve come to the right place, as the team at Aerolite Consulting is here to help with all your needs in this area.

No matter the perceived quality of the home or your confidence in the seller, having an objective, professional eye on hand to check for hidden issues is an absolute must. The ability to identify potentially harmful problems with an upcoming home purchase can not only keep you and your family safe and healthy, but may also save you untold sums you would have otherwise had to put toward remediation and related cleanup services.

Our Services

Our services begin with some of the most comprehensive general home inspections available on the market today. We’ll assess your potential home from top to bottom, evaluating the quality and lifespan of everything from major appliances to smaller features throughout the space. The entirety of the home will be examined during our standard appointments.

But where we really set ourselves apart is with our additional inspection offerings, which can be done simultaneously and with no additional hassle. We check for mold, lead paint, asbestos presence, methamphetamine residue and even radon materials in the home. It’s very difficult to find others in the space who can evaluate a home for each of these possible contaminants while also providing a traditional inspection all in one package, but that’s exactly what we do for you.

Keeping Your Family Safe and Healthy

Whether you’re an individual with regular family and guest visits, a couple hoping to build a family or a full-on family unit with multiple children, our environmental home inspections are valuable for protecting everyone who enters the space. Each of the elements we listed above can lead to significant health and safety risks for building occupants, especially as exposure lengthens and particularly for those with previous respiratory or health issues. Testing for them in advance ensures they can be removed completely before you or anyone else steps foot in the home.

Price and Convenience Benefits

On top of keeping you safe and healthy in your potential new home, we also bring several possible financial benefits. Our inspections don’t carry a high cost, but can often spot problems that absolutely do.

If we pick up a contamination issue during a mandated pre-sale inspection, the cost of remedying this issue falls squarely on the seller you’re dealing with – whether through paying for the resolution themselves, or through dropping the purchase price of the home accordingly. If you go through with the purchase without testing, however, and later realize you’ve been exposed to contaminants or other issues, you will have no financial recourse and will have to cover the remediation efforts yourself.

For more on any of our Pleasant Grove environmental home inspections and how they benefit you, speak to the staff at Aerolite Consulting today.