Environmental Home Inspections in Salem, Utah

At Aerolite Consulting, we’re proud to be your top source for quality environmental home inspections in Salem, Utah and surrounding areas. We’ve been assisting Utahns with third party home inspections for years, helping them identify possible issues in the home and remedy these with the seller before moving forward with the sale.

Looking for a standard inspection covering primary areas, fixtures and systems? We’re here to help. Interested in environmental contaminant testing not offered by many other home inspection companies? No problem. Call us today to learn more about our varied home inspection services and the tremendous value we provide to clients.

Standard Inspection Services

Our base home inspection services are similar to other companies in the space, though we stand by our quality above any competitor. We inspect both the interior and exterior of the home in question, looking at everything from major structural elements down to individual systems or areas.

We evaluate all your appliances, fixtures and components to ensure they’re working properly. We also offer energy audit services to check on various consumption areas. You’d be surprised how often such areas contain hidden issues that a standard walk-through would not have revealed.

Above and Beyond

Most home inspection companies stop here, but we’re not like most companies. On top of our standard home inspection services, we also offer environmental contaminant testing that’s enormously valuable for many clients.

If the home you’re considering has any residue of mold, asbestos, radon, lead or even methamphetamine, our environmental testing will pick these up even in small traces. This allows you to plan for removal of these contaminants before you or anyone in your family moves into the new space, meaning you do not face any health risks – and because the inspection was done before you completed the sale, the seller will generally have to foot this bill.

Why Clients Value Us

Our primary value to customers is our ability to save them money. The minor cost of a home inspection becomes worth it many times over if we discover a significant issue you had not been aware of, allowing you to request the seller repair the problem before the sale is completed.

However, many of our clients return to us for all their home inspection needs because of the additional benefits we offer, namely health and friendly service. The ability to test for environmental contaminants puts numerous homeowners at ease, especially those with children or those who have health issues living with them. And best of all, you receive all of our services with a smile and dedication to a job well done.

For more on any of our environmental home inspections in Salem, Utah, speak to the staff at Aerolite Consulting today.