Environmental Home Inspections in Saratoga Springs, Utah

For those looking to finalize the purchase of a new home in Saratoga Springs, Utah, the professionals at Aerolite Consulting are here to provide vital assistance in the realm of environmental home inspections. We’ve spent years helping Utahns identify possible concerns in a new home before purchase dates arrive, allowing them to remediate the issues with the seller and saving them untold sums of money.

Whether the space in question has multiple visible issues or those that can only be spotted by a trained professional eye, we’ll leave you with a full report to bring back to your seller. We ensure you’re in a great spot not only monetarily, but also in terms of eliminating any future hazards or health risks that could threaten you or your family.

Assistance With Your Home Purchase

We take pride in the untold sums of money we’ve saved our clients over the years by helping them identify issues they could not have otherwise spotted before a home purchase. Without our services, many homebuyers would only discover major problems in valuable home areas years into their ownership of the home – long after the deed has been signed and the seller is no longer responsible for these concerns whatsoever.

With us on your side, this is never a concern. We’ll evaluate the entire space ahead of time, allowing you to return to the seller with any problems we identify and demand that they are remediated on their end. This is absolutely the seller’s responsibility for a fair sale, which we’ll ensure you receive.

Services Above and Beyond

Now, we obviously aren’t the only home inspector service in Utah. However, we set ourselves apart from our competitors by offering services they don’t, namely in the environmental testing area.

For starters, our standard inspection services offer the highest level of detail and care available on the market. In addition, we offer testing for mold, lead, asbestos, radon and even methamphetamine residue, all contaminants that can not only lower the value of the home and lead to major repair costs but also threaten the health of occupants. These are concerns that absolutely should be identified and corrected before you agree to purchase the home.

Health Benefits

As we noted above, the health benefits of our services are a vital consideration. Each of the contaminants listed above can provide major health risks, particularly to children or certain susceptible individuals, such as those with compromised immune systems. While the money we save you is a big factor, we take even more pride in knowing we’re helping you and your family stay safe and healthy for years to come.

To learn more about any of our environmental home inspection services in Saratoga Springs or other areas of Utah, speak to the staff at Aerolite Consulting today.