Environmental Home Inspections in Spanish Fork, Utah

Are you locked in on a Spanish Fork real estate property for an upcoming purchase? Before you sign any paperwork, make sure you’ve scheduled a comprehensive, full-service environmental home inspection from the professionals at Aerolite Consulting.

The home in question may appear to be virtually perfect, especially if the seller has done a good job of presentation. And while we’re not here to throw cold water on the home of your dreams, our services will identify any issues that may have been hiding from plain sight, allowing you to assess and address them well in advance of any financial commitment.

What We Do

For starters, the pros at Aerolite Consulting offer all the same standard home inspection services you’d find from any of our competitors. We inspect the full condition of the home, from large appliances down to important smaller details. If the electrical system has flaws that could cause a big hassle down the road? We’ll spot them. If tile contains cracks or leaks that risk water damage? We’ll catch that, too.

However, our services don’t stop there. Unlike many other inspection companies, we also inspect homes for several major environmental contaminant concerns, such as mold, asbestos, lead paint, methamphetamine residue and radon concerns. This is a far more extensive inspection than you’re likely to get anywhere else, with multiple major benefits.

Saving You Time and Money

For one, our comprehensive environmental home inspections save you both money and hassle. They’re easily affordable within any home purchase budget, and they often provide benefits that outstrip their costs by orders of magnitude.

For instance, if our inspection catches an asbestos issue that wasn’t previously identified, the potential benefit to you is vast. Not only do you save yourself and your family from potential health risks, you can return to the seller and demand that these concerns be remedied on their end before you pay their asking price – or that the price be significantly reduced to accommodate you arranging such services.

Promoting Health

And beyond the monetary benefits associated with detailed home inspections, there’s the health angle to consider as well. Several of the contaminants we test for have a significant impact on human health, especially people who suffer from allergies, asthma or other similar respiratory issues.

If you neglect testing for these contaminants, especially in older homes where their presence is a higher risk, you leave yourself open to a few possible negative outcomes. In a case where such contaminants are discovered later, not only could they already have done significant health damage to multiple people in your home, the cost will fall directly on you to remedy these issues. If you take care of this inspection in advance of purchase, however, there’s time to return to the seller and alter the purchase price based on the necessary remediation services.

For more on any of our environmental home inspection services in Spanish Fork, Utah or surrounding areas, speak to the staff at Aerolite Consulting today.