Environmental Home Inspections in Springville, Utah

At Aerolite Consulting, it’s a point of pride for us to serve as your top source for environmental home inspections in advance of a real estate purchase. We’ve spent years serving Springville, Utah and nearby residents with all their home inspection needs, helping them avoid hidden issues and ensure they’re purchasing a property that’s truly as valuable as the list price.

Through our professional services, carried out by experts with a keen eye for even the most minute issue, you’ll avoid a number of potential headaches. Best of all, you’ll know you and your family are set up for a healthy, safe experience moving into a new location.

More Than a Standard Home Inspection

At first, our services may appear to you to be relatively similar to other home inspection companies you’ve dealt with or heard about. We provide a comprehensive analysis of the home’s condition, from major areas like appliances and fixtures to smaller details throughout the area. If there’s any issue that may risk turning your purchase into a poor investment, no matter how small, we’ll identify it and allow you to square it away with the seller before anything is signed.

We don’t just stop there, however, and this is how we truly differentiate ourselves from the competition. On top of basic inspection services, we also offer inspections for mold, asbestos, lead paint, meth residue and radon gasses, all additional services that most of our competitors are not qualified to perform. Each of these contaminants can have a major impact on everything from selling price to future health risks, and identifying them before a home purchase is vital.

Saving You Time and Money

While the inspections we perform are low-cost and affordable, they often pick up issues that could have a significant financial impact on your purchase. This is particularly true if we discover a contamination of some kind in the home, one that the seller will be responsible for handling the cost of if it’s located before the purchase is completed. We save you both the money and the hassle associated with discovering these kinds of issues later, when the cost falls squarely on you.

Health and Safety

Finally, Aerolite’s environmental home inspections allow you to rest easy knowing you and your family will be healthy and safe in the home for years into the future. Several of the contaminants we test for can pose significant long-term health risks, particularly over long periods of exposure, but we’ll ensure that you, your spouse and any children in the home are protected from these risks completely.

For more on our environmental home inspections and the numerous services they encapsulate, or to schedule a consultation or appointment in Springville, speak to the staff at Aerolite Consulting today.