Home Inspections in Salt Lake City, Utah

For comprehensive home inspections in Salt Lake City, the Aerolite Consulting team is the go-to expert trusted by property owners, home buyers, sellers and real estate professionals alike.

Our expert inspectors have the extensive knowledge and real-world experience you need when buying or selling a home, or when you need to know the facts about a property. In addition to comprehensive home inspections, we perform termite inspections, home energy audits and environmental testing and evaluation.

Salt Lake City Asbestos & Environmental Testing Services

Among the comprehensive property inspection services offered by the Aerolite team, our home testing services are some of the most important.

We offer lead, radon, asbestos, and mold testing as well as testing for any past evidence that the property was used to produce methamphetamine. The presence of environmental hazards can harm the health of any home’s occupants and compromise the property’s value. Remediation doesn’t always have to cost a fortune but, in many cases, it will require a substantial investment.

The presence of contaminants doesn’t mean you have to cancel your purchase but knowing the nature and extent of the problem will allow you to request appropriate action or consideration from the seller.

The Best Real Estate Inspectors in Salt Lake City

If you’re buying or selling a house – or if you’re a real estate agent representing a buyer or seller – you know that a comprehensive property inspection is critical for a smooth transaction.

Home buyers need to know exactly what they’re getting themselves into before moving forward with a property purchase. Aerolite Consulting performs a detailed analysis of every facet of the property, including structural components and major systems. We perform environmental testing to identify hazards and evaluate the property for the presence of termites.

For sellers, having your own inspection done prior to listing the property for sale provides a number of clear advantages. The results will help you determine the right sales price and allow you to demonstrate the value of the property to potential buyers.

Expert Property Inspections & Energy Audits

Our property inspections are so much more than a fancy report. Our inspectors are not there to simply scan a checklist and tick off the boxes. With almost 35 years of combined experience in construction, restoration, environmental remediation and inspection, we have a depth of knowledge that is difficult to find in our industry.

Because we’ve worked with environmental hazards, we know how the presence of mold, lead, asbestos and other contaminants can affect your property’s value and salability. We understand exactly how these materials can degrade the health of the home’s residents. And we know what’s required for remediation. Why would you trust your investment to anyone other than the Aerolite experts?

For all your Salt Lake City home inspections, energy audits and environmental testing needs, call Aerolite Consulting today.