Home Inspectors in Provo Kitchens: Appliances, Exhaust, Storage

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For those considering homes for purchase, certain rooms — such as the kitchen — tend to hold much more importance than others. And while home inspectors aren’t looking at things in the same way as homebuyers, they will often spend more time in rooms or areas that involve more usage and fixtures, and the kitchen is a great example here.

At Aerolite Consulting, we’re happy to offer a wide variety of home inspection and related services for our clients in Provo and other parts of Utah, with solutions including everything from standard inspections to energy audits, environmental contaminant testing and more. Focusing specifically on the kitchen, what will a home inspector typically look at while they’re inspecting this room? This two-part blog will go over several basic considerations.

Various Kitchen Appliances

Appliances are always one of the areas home inspectors will look closely at, particularly in a room like the kitchen where multiple appliances are often in use. From the refrigerator and oven to the dishwasher, microwave and stovetop, each appliance will be checked for proper installation according to current code requirements.

In addition, home inspectors will test various functions on these appliances — such as opening the fridge door or starting up the dishwasher — to ensure they’re in proper working order. If any appliances are showing signs of age or wear, this will be noted in the inspection report.

Exhaust Systems

Most kitchens come with some kind of exhaust system to help remove cooking smells, fumes and smoke from the air. The home inspector will take a look at this system to ensure it’s properly installed and vented to the outside of the home.

If there are any issues with the exhaust system, such as blockages or leaks, these will be noted in the inspection report. Additionally, the inspector will look at the range hood to make sure it’s properly installed and venting properly.

Cabinetry & Storage

All of the cabinetry and storage in a kitchen will be inspected by the home inspector to ensure it’s in good condition and properly installed. Any issues with the cabinets, such as loose handles or doors that don’t close properly, will be noted.

In addition, the home inspector will open up all of the doors and drawers to check for any signs of damage or wear. If there are any concerns with the condition of the cabinetry, these will be included in the inspection report. For instance, if the cabinets are made of particle board, this may be noted as a potential issue.

For more on what home inspectors will typically be looking at as they inspect a given kitchen, or to learn about any of our home inspections, environmental contaminant testing or other quality services to Provo and nearby clients, speak to our team at Aerolite Consulting today.