Lead was a common additive used in many products in the 20th century. It was used in gasoline for its lubricating properties and was very common in paints, ceramic tile glazing, stains, and varnishes. It was used in these finishes because it added great durability as well as made the coloring bright and vibrant. The problem was lead was found to be the cause of multiple health problems. These include neurological issues, learning disabilities, reproductive problems, and many, many more. It is primarily a hazard to kids under 6. This is because a young child’s body mistakes the ingested lead for calcium and it easily absorbs it into their bones. So if you live in an older home that has or could have lead paint should you be concerned?  The correct answer is yes but you must realize that lead poisoning happens almost exclusively when lead dust or chips are ingested or inhaled. That being said, paint that is in good condition and isn’t flaking or deteriorating doesn’t need to be considered a hazard. Leaded paint that is in poor condition should be considered a possible hazard, especially if there are young kids in the home.