Methamphetamine is a fairly common drug that is easily produced in a variety of different manufacturing methods.  Meth residue is frequently found in homes where “cooking” has taken place.  However, it is important to realize that simply having meth smoked in your home could leave the same kind of residues, although typically at lower levels than actual meth labs.  Although the health risks associated with meth are still widely unknown, many state and local governing agencies have current levels of regulation that require decontamination.  In the state of Utah the regulated levels are anything that exceeds 1.0ug/100cm2.  A state approved Decontamination Specialist is often necessary to perform the decontamination of these properties.  The cost associated with decontamination can vary greatly but typical projects cost between $3000-$7000 and you can expect the process to take a few weeks from start to finish.  In the past, contaminated properties were often decontaminated in a way that was just shy of total demolition, but with todays proven methods most homes can be cleaned in a way that minimizes demolition which can save you heart ache and money.