Primer on the Value of Comprehensive Home Inspections

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If you’re considering the purchase of a new home, you’re naturally focused mostly on the positives – that amazing kitchen, that perfect view, or whatever other aesthetic and functional elements you’ve prioritized. But it’s also vital to spend at least a bit of time checking on potential downsides to any new home, and that’s where home inspections come in.

At Aerolite Consulting, we’re proud to offer a wide range of home inspections and home tests to ensure the space you’re moving into is safe, healthy and worth the price you’re paying. Our services are not the same as many of the standard home inspection companies you’ll deal with, however – were a comprehensive inspection company, meaning not only do we focus on broad aesthetics and the physical structure and components, we also provide numerous tests and inspection services for other less visible threats. Let’s compare our services to standard home inspections, plus go over what you can expect in one of our home inspection reports.

Standard Home Inspections

A standard home inspection upon purchase of a new house will involve a walk-through by the home inspector. During this inspection, the physical structure, mechanical systems, electrical systems and all significant appliances will be examined by the inspector. They’ll also look at the HVAC system, the plumbing system, and any attic or basement space that’s present.

While viewing these areas, the inspector will take notes, pictures and perhaps even video. They will also complete an objective report on the condition of the home.

Our Home Inspections

In most cases, however, home inspections stop there. Inspectors go into detail with all of the above areas, sure, but they aren’t testing for certain invisible contaminants or pests that might be in the home.

At Aerolite, this is the area where we separate ourselves from the competition. We also offer mold inspections, asbestos inspections, radon poisoning tests, lead testing and several other inspection formats that speak to the unseen dangers that might be present in a home. Most of these tests are rarely included by traditional real estate inspectors, but will save you and your family from harmful health risks that may also significantly lower the value of the home if discovered.

Home Inspection Report

After a home inspection from our professionals, you can expect a detailed and extensive inspection report. This will include a summary of everything found, plus photographs and additional notes. For major systems, appliances or other equipment, we’ll provide a general estimate on remaining useful lifespan, plus suggested repairs or replacements. We’ll also cover every additional inspection area you might require, whether for mold, meth or some other contaminant, and include any pertinent information on this in the report as well.

For more on what separates us from traditional home inspection services, or to learn about any of our inspections, speak to the staff at Aerolite Consulting today.