Provo Pre-Listing Inspection: Basics, Purposes and Benefits

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June 8, 2021
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August 10, 2021
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As we’ve been over previously in this space, there are a few different types of home inspections that might be carried out during a home sale or certain other scenarios. While the most common and well-known is ordered by the potential buyer of a home during a sale negotiation process, the flip side of this will also be highly valuable for many sellers, and is known as a pre-listing inspection.

At Aerolite Consulting, we’re happy to offer a wide range of home inspection and environmental contaminant testing services throughout Provo and other parts of Utah. We offer inspections originated by a few different parties, including both buyers and sellers. What is a pre-listing inspection, why do some sellers opt for it, and what are some important factors in ensuring you’re prepared and the inspection is carried out properly? This two-part blog series will go over everything you need to know about pre-listing inspections.

Pre-Listing Inspection Basics

As their name suggests, a pre-listing home inspection is one that takes place before the home is even listed for sale on the market. It will generally be ordered by the planned seller of the home as a way to prepare them for some of the concerns that may come up later in the process.

While we’ll dig into this further later in our series, pre-listing inspections are nearly identical to standard buyer-ordered inspections in terms of scope and the areas covered. Where they differ, though, is in their timing and the party ordering them.

Purpose and Uses

The primary purpose of the pre-listing inspection is to verify the presence and quality of several important home systems. These include structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, all of which will be inspected in detail for proper operations. This allows the prospective seller to be fully aware of the sorts of issues that are likely to come up in their buyer’s inspection once they get to that point – including the ability to repair or remedy certain concerns that may have limited the home’s sale potential.

Benefits of Pre-Listing Inspection

Here are some of the specific areas sellers often see benefits in from a pre-listing inspection:

  • Immediate alerts to pressing safety issues before agents or any prospective buyers tour the home.
  • Other immediate concerns, such as radon gas or an active pest infestation, will be identified.
  • Zero delays in obtaining a Use and Occupancy permit.
  • Ample time for the seller to arrange price quotes and work dates with contractors for any repair areas.
  • Offers major assistance with pricing the home realistically, ensuring you don’t overprice or underprice it based on the market.
  • In some cases, will encourage the buyer to waive their own inspection.

Overall, homes that have a pre-listing inspection are known to sell faster and have fewer inspection-related negotiating points, as more of the information about them will simply be out in the open.

For more on the pre-listing inspection, or to learn about any of our home inspection services in Provo or other parts of Utah, speak to the staff at Aerolite Consulting today.