Whether you own a home or a commercial building in Provo, Orem, Salt Lake City or Springville, Utah, you want to conserve as much electricity as possible. Not only do you want your bills to be lower, but you also want to be green and not waste energy. Aerolite Consulting can help by performing an energy efficiency audit on your home or commercial property.

Energy Efficiency Audits for Homes

Is your electricity bill at an all-time high — for the nth time this year? Do you constantly find yourself blaming the kids for staying up all night using the computer or watching TV? Are you starting to entertain thoughts of compromising home comfort just to save a little bit more on heating or cooling bills?

You don’t have to go to great extremes to lower your energy bills. It is wise to invest in an energy audit to understand the specific conditions that can affect the performance and comfort of your home. Aerolite Consulting is the name you can trust to make your home more energy-efficient. We have certified energy auditors who can identify the most effective energy improvements that will provide maximum comfort and savings.

With a reliable energy efficiency audit, you can enjoy the benefits of spending less each month and improved comfort for the entire family. This also leads to better health, as you can eliminate the causes of mold, mildew, and excessive dust that can trigger asthma and other health problems.

Energy Efficiency Audits for Businesses

Your business is about making money, and the less you spend, the more you keep. Get an energy-efficiency audit today from Aerolite Consulting. We’ll point out your energy hogs and give you tips for saving money, such as turning off all computers at night; using motion sensors for lights in restrooms, kitchens and other areas that see infrequent use; and investing in energy-efficient office equipment.

Find out where and how your home or business uses energy inefficiently, and what can be done to turn things around. Call Aerolite Consulting today for a reliable energy-efficiency audit.