Lead is toxic to human beings and can cause several health effects. Lead is found everywhere, in the soil, air, and water. Even your home is not safe from it. Most people are exposed to lead from fuels like leaded gasoline, lead based paints, and lead from industrial facilities. Lead and compounds derived from lead are also found in ceramics, plumbing materials such as pipes, ammunition, batteries, solders, and cosmetics. When airborne lead settles on the ground, it will stick to the soil from where it may move into ground water, contaminating it. It is important to find out if your home has lead contamination so that you can take steps to negate it. If you are living in Utah and you want to test your home for lead, you call Aerolite Consulting – one of Utah’s foremost lead testing expert.

What are the effects of ingesting lead?

Lead poisoning can affect anyone; but children below the age of six years and expectant mothers are most susceptible to it. People can be affected by eating or drinking food items and water contaminated by lead or from utensils containing lead. You may also breathe in lead dust from deteriorating leaded paint, or during repair or renovation work. Here are some of the effects of lead ingestion. In children, particularly below the age of six years, it can lead to permanent nervous system and brain damage, learning and behavioral problems, hearing problems, and low IQ. It can also slow down the growth of children and lead to anemia. Lead can biomagnify, which means that it will accumulate in the body, getting stored in the bones. Lead is dangerous to pregnant women because it can affect the fetus, leading to miscarriage, reduced fetus growth, and even premature birth. Lead in adults can affect the nervous system, leading to cardiovascular effects, hypertension, decrease in kidney function, and reproductive problems.

How can Aerolite Consulting help?

Because there are so many ways lead can enter your home, testing for lead is important. Aerolite Consulting can inspect the paint in your home for lead with state-of-the-art equipment such as an XRF machine (X-ray fluorescence). We can test other painted surfaces, consumer products, soil around your home, and even dust. Once our inspection is complete and we have the results, you will receive a detailed report, which will identify the location of the lead and even the level. To know about testing for lead in Salt Lake City, Park City, Sandy, Provo, or anywhere else in Utah, contact Aerolite Consulting today.