Before you purchase a home or commercial building in Utah, you should get it tested for methamphetamine contamination. A home or commercial building is a substantial investment, and you have to be sure that it will not affect the health of your family or your workers. If you have already bought a home or commercial building, a meth inspection is still useful. Methamphetamine production is a serious problem in Utah and you would not want to inadvertently expose your family or workers to its dangers. The drug is very addictive and if it is ‘cooked’ or smoked in a house or commercial building, the walls, ceiling, and floors can get saturated with it, making the building unsafe. One of the most common ways of using meth is through smoking. When the drug is lit, it vaporizes. The vapor that the smoker does not inhale collects on the walls, furnishings, and ceiling. The building does not have to be used for cooking meth; even smoking it will suffice for the building to test positive. If you are worried about the health of your family or employees and want meth testing in Utah for your home or commercial building, call Aerolite Consulting.

What can happen if you get exposed to meth?

Methamphetamine is a very dangerous drug and if you or your loved ones come into contact with it by mistake, you can suffer from allergies, skin irritation, unexplained and excessive nose bleeds, and neurological or behavioral problems in children. Meth testing in Utah is advisable, as methamphetamine contains cancer causing agents. It is not easy to find out if a home or commercial business is contaminated by meth because methamphetamine is colorless and odorless. In nearly all cases, the only way you can be sure is by collecting samples and testing it in the laboratory.

How can Aerolite Consulting help you with meth testing?

Aerolite Consulting will collect samples from your home or commercial business through wipes, which will be sent to a laboratory for testing. Here, a meth analysis will be conducted on the sample. This will give you a detailed report on meth contamination, if there is any, and its level.

Don’t let your family or employees suffer from the negative health effects of methamphetamine contamination. Call us today for reliable meth testing in Provo, Orem, Springville and Salt Lake City. We also provide home inspections, asbestos testing and testing for radon and mold.