Mold plays an important role in the outdoors where it breaks down dead and decaying organic matter. But the presence of mold inside your home is undesirable. Mold propagates with the help of tiny spores which cannot be seen by the naked eye. When these mold spores settle down on a damp surface, they start proliferating. Mold can cause some health problems. If you are staying in Utah and you want mold testing to be undertaken in your home, call Aerolite Consulting. Most homes have ‘red flags’ that can cause mold growth. The moisture level inside structural components may be elevated; there may be water stains on walls, ceilings, musty odors, poor ventilation in the attic, or negative grading. When mold starts growing on a structure, the latter will be gradually destroyed. But the good news is that mold damage and related health problems can be prevented by moisture control.

Health effects from mold growth

Mold can also cause some health problems. They produce allergens which cause allergic reactions, irritants, and even toxic substances called mycotoxins. If you inhale or touch mold, you may develop allergies such as a runny nose, sneezing, skin rash, and red eyes. These are quite common. More severe reactions are shortness in breath and fever. If you have asthma, mold may trigger an asthma attack. Moreover, exposure to mold can also irritate your skin, throat, nose, and lungs in both non-allergic and allergic people.

Mold testing by Aerolite Consulting

Aerolite Consulting can undertake visual inspections and air sampling to detect mold growth. We can thoroughly inspect all areas in your home that could potentially harbor mold, such as showers, water heaters, under the sink, laundry area, and the area around your toilet. We will also check for leakages on your roof, around your windows, and on the siding. If we are able to visually identify the mold, we can say whether or not the mold will produce toxic elements. We also have specialized equipment to test the air inside your home, for mold, and compare it with the external air. If you are living in Salt Lake City, Provo, Sandy, Park City or elsewhere in Utah, and if you want to learn more about testing for mold, feel free to contact Aerolite Consulting today.