Telltale Signs of Meth Contamination

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February 25, 2016
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July 1, 2017
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Whether it’s lead testing, mold testing or any of our other home inspections, the technicians at Aerolite Consulting are here to help keep your home protected from various contaminants that can be tough to detect. Our professionals are certified and experienced with all potential issues you may be experiencing.

In certain cases, such as with meth testing, there might be a few telltale signs that you can pick up on before you even call our experts. The right eye here might prevent you from investing in a property that’s been contaminated by methamphetamine cooking, and can save you numerous health and cost issues. Here’s a look at a few signs that a property may have contained a meth cook at some point in the recent past.

Discoloration Issues

One of the first signs that’s often available, even after restoration efforts have taken place, is discoloration in the home. This may be present on walls, drains, sinks, showers and other large surfaces. In most cases, yellow coloration will be the most obvious sign. In some others, though, blue discoloration in the valves of propane tanks and fire extinguishers might show up as a reaction to certain chemicals in methamphetamine. Since these tanks and extinguishers might have been ignored during restoration, check them carefully.

Fire Detector Issues

If you notice fire detectors that are removed or taped off, this could be another sign. As we noted above, there are chemical interactions that might make this type of equipment risky near a meth lab – there are very few other reasons why a fire extinguisher needs to be tinkered with or removed.

Breathing or Taste Problems

If you notice a burning in your eyes, an itchy throat or a metallic taste in your mouth, this could be a bodily response to some of the chemicals still left in the air. In addition, breathing problems can result from similar causes.


Down the same lines, odors can give away a previous meth lab as well. They’ll often be similar to those found in a garage – smells like solvent, paint thinner, cat urine or ammonia in many cases.

To learn more about detecting meth exposure, or about any of our home inspection services, speak to the experts at Aerolite Consulting today.