The Role of Location in Home Inspections

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There are a few factors that may impact the precise way a given home inspection is carried out, and one that sometimes isn’t considered closely enough by homebuyers is the location of the property. Where a home is located will impact a few different elements of the inspection, and being aware of these coming in may help you navigate this part of the process a bit more easily.

At Aerolite Consulting, we’re happy to offer a wide range of home inspection services to clients throughout Utah, including everything from standard inspection services to environmental testing that looks for contaminants like mold, radon, asbestos and others. What are some of the impacts location may have on any inspection you’re in need of in the near future? Here are a few basic considerations.

Cost Elements

While home inspection costs won’t typically vary too much within a given city, it’s important to realize that costs tend to be higher in larger cities than in smaller, more rural areas. The reason for this is that inspectors in larger cities have a lot more ground to cover – often, they’re working within much larger service areas than those in smaller towns. This can make their time management a bit more challenging, and as a result, their fees will usually be slightly higher.

Environmental Considerations

In addition, and perhaps more importantly, the location of your home will also impact the types of environmental testing that may or may not be necessary. For example, if you’re purchasing a home near a known body of water – like a river, lake or ocean – there’s always the potential for flooding. As a result, you may want to consider requesting a flood test as part of your inspection process.

If you’re moving to an area with a history of seismic activity, meanwhile, you may want to look into having the property inspected for potentially dangerous levels of radon gas. No matter where you’re moving, it’s always a good idea to be as proactive as possible when it comes to environmental testing – after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Which Inspectors Are Available

Finally, it’s worth considering that the location of your home may also impact which inspectors are available to you. While there are many highly qualified and experienced home inspectors working all across the country, it’s still important to make sure you’re working with someone who is familiar with the specific area in which your property is located.

For example, while an inspector in Florida is likely to be familiar with the state’s hurricane-prone climate, they may not know much about the risk of wildfires in California. Therefore, if you’re purchasing a home in an area that is prone to a specific type of natural disaster – like earthquakes, wildfires or hurricanes – it’s always a good idea to seek out an inspector who has experience with that particular type of property.

For more on the role of location in certain home inspection elements, or to learn about any of our home or environmental inspection services for clients around Utah, speak to the team at Aerolite Consulting today.