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March 12, 2024
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Home Inspection Takes

If you’ve ordered a home inspection for any purpose, whether as part of buying or selling a home or for any other reason, you may be wondering how long this sort of inspection will take. The answer will depend on a few important factors.

At Aerolite Consulting, we’re proud to offer a wide range of home inspection services to clients around Salt Lake City, Provo, Orem, St. George and other parts of Utah, including everything from standard home inspections to environmental contaminant programs like asbestos testing, mold testing and more. Here are the key factors that will typically influence how long your home inspection will take, plus what to think about within each area.

Home Size and Build Year

Naturally, one of the biggest factors to consider is the size of your home. A larger home will require more time for a thorough inspection, while smaller homes may take less time. Similarly, older homes may take longer to inspect due to potential wear and tear or outdated systems that need closer examination.

Tip: If you know your home’s square footage and approximate build year, our team can give you a better estimate of how long your home inspection may take.

Extent of Inspection

Another important factor is the scope or extent of the inspection. Are you only interested in a general overview of the home’s condition, or are you looking for a more detailed and comprehensive report? The level of detail and thoroughness will affect the length of time needed to complete the inspection.

Tip: Be sure to communicate your expectations and needs with your home inspector beforehand so they can plan accordingly.

Home Condition

As you may have expected, the condition of your home will also play a role in how long the inspection takes. If there are known issues or potential areas of concern, the inspector may need to spend more time examining and documenting these areas.

Tip: Make sure to inform your home inspector of any known issues ahead of time so they can allocate enough time for thorough inspection.

Access and Availability

The accessibility and availability of the home will also impact the duration of the inspection. If there are areas that are difficult to access or if the homeowner is not present during the scheduled inspection, it may take longer for the inspector to complete their work.

Tip: Make sure to arrange for easy access to all areas of your home, including basements, attics, crawl spaces, and outdoor areas.

The Experience of the Inspector

Last but not least, the experience and efficiency of your home inspector will also play a significant role in how long the inspection takes. Experienced inspectors may be able to complete a thorough inspection more quickly than inexperienced ones.

Tip: Research and choose a reputable and experienced home inspector for the best results.

As you can see, there are several factors that can influence the duration of a home inspection. At Aerolite Consulting, our team of experienced and certified home inspectors will work efficiently to provide you with a comprehensive report in a timely manner. Contact us today to schedule your home inspection and get the peace of mind you deserve.