What Inspectors Don’t Miss: Pests, Structural, Electrical

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February 14, 2023
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In part one of this two-part blog series, we talked about some of the major value present in one particular benefit home inspectors offer to clients: Spotting things that the untrained eye simply would not have. Professional home inspectors are trained to be more diligent and informed on certain particular fixtures or features within a home, and they provide major value by noting these on behalf of clients who otherwise might not have spotted them.

At Aerolite Consulting, we’re proud to offer dedicated home inspections, energy audits and related services to clients in SLC, Provo, Orem, St. George and other parts of the great state of Utah. Here are some of the other top examples of issues that you might miss on your own, but that our team of inspectors will catch for you.

Pest Risks

One of the key components of a home inspection is looking for evidence of any pests, including termites and other insects that can wreak havoc on the value and integrity of the building. These are not always easy to spot, as they may be hidden or tucked away in places you would never think to look.

But a professional home inspector will know exactly where to search and will look for telltale signs of pest problems, such as mud tunnels around the foundation or evidence of damage to wooden structures.

Structural Integrity

Another key component of a home inspection is looking for evidence of structural issues that could be present in the building. These sorts of issues can range from uneven floors and walls to sagging roof lines and other signs of a building that is not in good condition.

A professional home inspector will be able to spot these issues and make sure they are noted on the report, giving you an accurate picture of the condition of the building before you decide to buy it.

Electrical Issues

One of the many things a professional home inspector can look for is any electrical issues that might be present in the building. This includes things like outdated wiring, faulty outlets, and other problems that can potentially create dangerous conditions.

Our home inspectors will inspect all of the major electrical components in a house and make sure they are up to code and functioning properly before signing off on the report. We’ll also let you know if there are any areas for improvement that might be necessary.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the value a professional home inspector can bring to your new home purchase. We believe it’s an essential service and one that no buyer should go without.

And at Aerolite Consulting, we’re proud to offer quality home inspections and many related services to clients around Utah. Contact us today to learn more!