What is required in an Asbestos Inspection?

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February 25, 2016
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May 15, 2017
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We are often asked how much an asbestos inspection costs.  That is a difficult question to answer and any inspector that will give you an exact price over the phone should be handled with caution.  This questions is dependent largely upon the number of samples taken and how quickly you want the results.  Also the reason for the inspection can greatly impact the number of samples that need to be taken.

For a property that is needing a remodel or addition, only the materials that are going to be disturbed or removed during the renovation would need to be tested.

Many cities and counties require pre-demolition asbestos inspections prior to issuing a permit to have the property demolished.  When this is the case, the Asbestos Inspector will need to sample every material in the home that could contain asbestos.  This includes drywall, plaster, textures, flooring materials, insulation, roofing, mastics, and may other materials.  You can see why a typical full home Asbestos Survey usually requires 20 or more samples to be taken.  When it comes to asbestos, you can assume these materials have asbestos and therefore don’t need sampling, but any inspector that says “this doesn’t look like asbestos containing so it doesn’t need to be sampled” is breaking the law.  Inspectors are not allowed to assume a material doesn’t contain asbestos so if yours does you had better find another inspector.

Dealing with the EPA or other regulatory agencies regarding asbestos that was improperly removed is something you don’t to deal with.  It would likely cause much heartache and possible fines/penalties.