When to Walk Away After Home Inspection: Final Call

When to Walk Away After Home Inspection
When to Walk Away After Home Inspection: Simple Basics
February 13, 2024
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April 9, 2024
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Walk Away After Home Inspection

In part one of this two-part blog series, we looked at some possible scenarios where a given home may “fail” a home inspection, and where the prospective buyer should consider backing out of their purchase arrangement based on this inspection. One of the key and most important functions of a home inspection is to reveal issues that either need to be remedied ahead of a sale or could be so significant that a sale is off the table entirely.

At Aerolite Consulting, we’re here to provide comprehensive home inspection services to clients around Salt Lake City, Provo, Orem, St. George and nearby parts of Utah, including standard inspections plus additional services like mold testing, asbestos testing and other environmental contaminant identification. Today’s part two of our series will look at some cases where issues found in a home inspection can be remedied by the seller without abandoning the deal, but then will dig into certain severe issues that may warrant the buyer walking away entirely.

Situations Where Reasonable Repair Requests Are Common

Luckily, there are a number of cases where issues found in a home inspection can be easily fixed by the seller, with both parties still remaining happy with the overall arrangement. Some examples here:

  • Common electrical issues: In some cases, an inspector may find minor electrical issues that can be easily fixed without significant cost or labor. These could include replacing light fixtures, fixing outlets that have no power or installing a new GFCI outlet.
  • Minor plumbing fixes: Similar to the above, minor plumbing issues like leaky faucets or slow drains are often easy to fix and won’t require major renovations.
  • Termite or controllable pest concerns: If a termite or pest infestation is found, this can often be remedied with professional extermination services and proper maintenance going forward.
  • Roof repairs: In some cases, a home inspection may reveal minor roof damage that can be fixed without requiring a complete replacement. This could include replacing shingles or patching small leaks.

These are just a few basic examples – most smaller or more limited issues can be resolved with reasonable repair requests, and the sale can still proceed without major hiccups.

In the majority of these situations, the process to follow will include:

  • The buyer will provide a list of requested repairs based on the inspection report, with specific requests for each item.
  • The seller can either accept or decline these requests, or negotiate for alternatives. If they accept, they will typically have a certain amount of time to complete the repairs before closing on the sale.
  • Once repairs are completed, a re-inspection may be required to ensure the issues have been resolved.

If all goes well, the sale can proceed as planned and both parties are satisfied with the outcome.

When to Walk Away

Of course, not all issues found in a home inspection will fall into these smaller or more reasonable categories. In some cases, there may be severe problems that are simply not worth the risk for the buyer. Some examples include:

  • Foundation issues: If a home has structural damage or foundation issues, these can be incredibly costly to repair and seriously impact the safety and stability of the entire property.
  • Environmental hazards: As mentioned above, we offer services like mold and asbestos testing for a reason – if a home has these types of environmental hazards present, they can pose significant health risks and may require significant remediation efforts.
  • Major electrical or plumbing problems: While minor issues can be easily fixed, major problems with these systems could require extensive and expensive repairs that the seller may not be willing to complete.

In situations like these, it’s important for buyers to listen to their instincts and assess the potential risks involved before moving forward with a purchase.

At Aerolite Consulting, our goal is to provide thorough and accurate home inspections that help buyers make informed decisions. Whether the issues found in an inspection can be easily remedied or warrant walking away from a deal, we’re here to support our clients through the entire process. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment!